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Alvaro Picardo Hand-painted Lampshades

For me humble materials represent a fantastic opportunity. With just a little love, they can become so much more. One of my greatest joys is to give forgotten pieces a new lease of life. It’s about creating something greater than the sum of its parts. It’s amazing what a new lick of paint and a little time can accomplish.

My bespoke, hand-painted lampshades represent a new chapter in my life. The challenging events of the past year have been immensely difficult, but they presented me with the opportunity to try something new. When taking part in a ceramics workshop at the Mews Coachworks at the beginning of 2020, I realised I was using my creativity for the first time in years. A new lick of paint was starting to emerge.

This is why, when I came across an old lampshade I didn’t think twice about painting it, which unleashed a whole new world of creative opportunity. For the first time in many years I’m able to express myself visually again – it feels great to add value to an object that is so often overlooked.

Born in Barcelona, I’ve always loved working with simple materials by transforming them into something beautiful. After arriving in London in 1993, I dived headfirst into the city’s rich visual culture, visiting museums, galleries, and auction houses whenever I could. This strengthened my eclectic taste which is influenced by brutalism, modern architecture, abstract and Modern British Art, and the world of interior design.

I now split my time between London and the Empordà, in Catalunya.

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