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This collection of hand-painted lampshades for Swedish interiors brand Svenskt Tenn was inspired by the bold designs and colours of modernist designer Josef Frank, the company’s founder. Frank wrote that, “The home must not be a mere effective machine. It must offer comfort, rest, and coziness (soothing to the eye, stimulating to the soul). There are no puritan principles in good interior decoration.” This collection brings joy to the home through daring and vivid colours and patterns that bring a new energy to any room.


In keeping with Alvaro’s commitment to craftsmanship and artistry, these lampshades were all individually hand-painted by Alvaro, making each completely unique. Some of the pieces take up to two days to paint, and traces of the artist’s personal handiwork are visible in the finished product.

Read more about the collection here or shop the collection online here.

Svenskt Tenn

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